The Company

Thermii was founded by Sunil Sinha to accomplish his vision of a green energy world using innovative technology. The company is located in Texas with a manufacturing facility in India. Thermii has domestic customers in the USA and overseas customers in Asia. 

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Sunil Sinha


Sunil Sinha is the Founder and CEO of Thermii, Inc. Over a career spanning three decades Sunil has led a relentless effort to make his dream of a world powered by green and renewable energy a reality, reducing the carbon footprint while making energy available to people in all corners of the world. He has led pioneering research into alternative energy solutions, energy efficiency, solar energy, refrigeration technology, solar thermal electricity generation, biomass chemical conversion, fuel cells, and decentralized/integrated renewable energy systems which has yielded many products and solutions. Among them are several products which have been taken to the mass market by Electrolux, world ́s second largest home appliance maker. These products now save over 50% of energy used for domestic water heating.
Sunil holds over 20 patents and is a sought after thought leader and speaker at many energy forums and conventions. He played a leading role in the nascent solar energy sector and initiated several solar ventures including Sunlit™, Plugged Solar™ and Ensupra Solar India. He continues to conduct research into new green technologies which aim to bring disruptive changes to traditional energy utilization practices, bringing transformational productivity and efficiency gains to industries while drastically limiting emissions and reducing the carbon footprint.
Sunil combines his research focus with over a decade of executive management at Fortune 500 companies including Adobe and CommerceOne. His graduate studies were in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and management from Indian Institute of Management. He is a B.Tech from IIT (Indian Institute of Technology).

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Gopal Basak


Gopal has 25+ years experience in the energy sector, managing teams at multi-locations across the world. He holds a B. Tech. from IIT (Indian Institute of Technology). Follow Gopal on LinkedIn.

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Alfredo Quintanilla

Product Designer

Alfredo has over 15 years experience in equipment design in multiple industries from concept to final manufacturing. Alfredo holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the Instituto Tecnológico de Ciudad, Cd. Madero, Mexico.

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Anand Jambholkar

Director, India

Anand  has 30+ years experience in multiple industries including solar energy, HVAC, technology, sale and marketing. He holds a B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering from the IIT and an MBA from IIM. Follow Anand on LinkedIn.