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HONOLULU, HI (June 14, 2019)Thermii Inc. participated in the inaugural Hawaii Hotel & Restaurant Show in May 29-30, 2019 at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. Among the participants Thermii was unique in that an innovative green energy saving product and solution was showcased to the hospitality sector attendees drawing constant foot traffic to our booth.  Over 200 unique attendees visited our booth and we were able to follow up with the many intrigued Executive Chefs, Restaurant Owners, Sr. Operations Executives and other decision makers from Hawaii who visited our booth to further explain how they can customize our solutions for their unique needs. It is very encouraging to see the level of excitement from the attendees for the possibility of saving over 85% of the energy they use in water heating for dishwashers and other areas of hot water usage. 

We are now in the process of following up with these potential customers and gathering more data while our Research and Development teams in Houston and India are busy developing solutions for Hawaii based on the local ground conditions and the data received. We expect to have our solutions installed and commissioned with the first set of customers in Hawaii by October 2019. 

HONOLULU, HI (July 30, 2019) – Thermii Inc. completed the review of water heating requirements of several Hawaii restaurants and resorts with a view to bring them major energy savings and ensure availability of round the clock hot water for their operations and sanitation purposes. Developing solutions for Hawaii involves incorporating several unique features  that are Hawaii specific and Thermii will now move onto the Research and Development stage where they will turn their existing technology to provide these solutions. 

“ Hawaii has some unique features where its temperature and humidity hovers between certain limits. We will customize our solutions for Hawaii and come up with solutions that work here while bringing energy savings of over 75%. As a former resident a graduate of The University of Hawaii, it gives me great pleasure to bring these solutions to Hawaii, `` said Sunil Sinha, CEO of Thermii, Inc.   

Based in Houston, Texas with R&D facilities in Houston and India, Thermii, Inc. has developed  breakthrough energy saving solutions for water heating which they intend to popularize in Hawaii bringing in over 75% energy savings to restaurants, hotels, hospitals, resorts, laundromats and other users of hot water.

HOUSTON, TX (October 28, 2019) – Thermii Inc. today announced the completion of the design and testing of its water heating technology solutions for Hawaii businesses. While the initial expectations on the performance of the units were a saving of over 75% energy, the actual final performance of the units reached up to 87.5% of energy savings. This is a major boost for Hawaiian installation since the weather and environmental conditions of Hawaii make these savings some of the highest possible with the Thermii technology.

The first installations of the units are now scheduled at a popular downtown restaurant in Hawaii which will be followed by several other installations that are earmarked for November 2019. 

HONOLULU, HI (November 19, 2019) – Thermii Inc. today announced the completion of installation and commissioning of its first  solution for water heating in Hawaii at a popular downtown Japanese restaurant.