Restaurants all over the world are struggling with mounting operating costs and the cost of energy for water heating, heating and air conditioning take up over 60% of the energy budget. Today it is mandatory all over the world for restaurants to use hot water in dishwashers as well as kitchens and rest rooms to ensure sanitary conditions are maintained. 

With Thermii Technology restaurants can save over 80% of the energy used for water heating and when required, it can also boost the air conditioning. Our groundbreaking technology is the undisputed world leader in energy conservation for restaurants and our solutions are in operation in Honolulu, Hawaii and India and will be available soon in other parts of the world. 

Our solutions are easy to install and you save costs from the moment they are commissioned. With the payment arrangement we have you will be able to cover your monthly payment from the savings you make, so essentially you will not pay anything out of pocket. Furthermore you become a part of the green energy revolution by becoming a Thermii technology user. 

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